J. Scott Wilson

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I was born in Guelph, Ontario. At the age of five my parents bought a landmark, Heritage home, just next door to the house I was born in. It was my very first memory of the renovation/restoration experience! I definitely caught the "house bug" early on.

It was an impressive home and it started my life-long love of architecture, homes and renovation. I watched in amazement at how a seemingly unlivable, former landmark was restored to a vibrant new home, and a place I called home for many young years.  

After leaving Guelph to live in Europe for a short time, our family settled in Oakville, where my mother started a very successful career in Real Estate with Johnston & Daniel. At the age of 14, I got my first job (after school) filing new listing slips and helped install "for sale" signs on new listings. Fast forward to 2001 and I'm back in Real Estate and, thankfully, we've moved into the digital age so no more filing slips! I'm still installing the odd sale sign now and then, this time for my own clients. 

I consider myself very fortunate to be doing something I love, with people that I admire, respect and enjoy. It’s incredibly gratifying to know that my training, insight and work experience are helping my clients to make decisions about one of the single most important things we value - our homes.

Joining Bosley Real Estate almost 20 years ago completed my Real Estate career goals. I consider it a privilege to work for a company that leads the industry to new standards of professionalism and ethical business practices. Bosley is Canada’s largest, private, family-owned brokerage with over 250 of the most engaging and professional people in the industry. 2018 marked the 90th Birthday of Bosley Real Estate.