J. Scott Wilson

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We have come across many agents and Scott is by far the most professional. The sale of our home was quick (within 7 days) and efficient. Before we put our house on the market, Scott came to give us tips to help us "stage" our house so that it would look like a showroom. We followed his advice and our house had never looked better! We're glad we put our trust in him and it has worked out very well. He is honest, intelligent and has a great deal of integrity. We have been recommending him to all of our friends. Great job and thanks!


Scott did a wonderful job of handling our estate sale. He replied to all our concerns in a professional and timely manner. We were very impressed with his attention to detail. He insured the house was clean and presentable at all times: he took the initiative to place fresh flowers stategically throught: he insured the security system was on and the lights out at night. We were also impressed that he had a very good knowledge of the market and was able to assist us in the crucial area of pricing. We would not hesitate to recommend him. It was an extremely positive experience for us.


As a first time home buyer this was a new adventure for me. Scott was exceptional in his candor, knowlege, humour and his ability to make me feel comfortable with the whole process. What most impressed me was his instinct for the kinds of places I was interested in based on our first meeting. I highly recommend Scott.


The whole experience was excellent. Scott's efforts on my behalf in selling my house were superb! He went well beyond the call of duty in my opinion.


Scott is honest, hard-working and excellent at what he does - an anomaly in any profession, let alone real estate. I have recommended Scott to so many people because he makes the challenging pursuit of buying a home seem effortless. In short, you need to work with him... he'll make your life so much easier! If that's not enough to convince you, here are my top 10 reasons for making Scott your real estate agent:

1) He puts you first, not his commission.
2) He has good taste and isn't - quite frankly - a cheesy real estate guy.
3) He is perfectly fine with you taking your time (even months) to find the exact property you want/need.
4) Other real estate agents respect him, so in bidding wars, you have that working for you. Not to mention, his great tips for winning bidding wars.
5) He can mysteriously predict the number a house will sell for even when it goes for far off the asking price.
6) He's intuitive about your needs; he assesses what you like & doesn't bother taking you to see houses that won't interest you. 
7) He isn't afraid to point out flaws in a property and tell you whether they're worth fixing.
8) He has many years of experience, knows the market, legal issues & the entire real estate process inside out. So you feel confident as you're about to drop your life savings!
9) He answers emails & phone calls promptly, works around your busy schedule and updates you with new listings during the day.
10) If you're considering a place, he's not afraid to knock on the neighbour's door to ask how many times/day the train goes by (Metrolink), or what's it like living on the street.


I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Scott twice now, once as a newbie loft owner, and once as a newbie homeowner. Strange as it may sound, each time was so enjoyable that I actually felt a little sad to say goodbye when we found our new home. 
My first experience was with the purchase of my first property, and then again with Jay when we bought our first house. Scott was patient and thoroughout in explaining the process to us, with sound knowledge and advice regarding the legal ins-and-outs; was willing to search long as it took to find the perfect place; often visited properties to determine their suitability ahead of our scheduled visits, and had an amazing knack for understanding the type of place we would love within our first meeting. He is attentive, knowledgeable, and always quick to respond to any questions -- not just during the home buying process but throughout your days as a homeowner as well. When you work with Scott, you get a wonderful, personal service that extends beyond the transaction. Most importantly, he is trustworthy and honest. He is realistic, a straight-shooter, and he's not afraid to tell you the less appealing points about a prospective property so you feel fully armed with all the facts you need to make an informed decision. 
We have recommended Scott to many friends, all of whom have had great success. We continue to recommend him every chance we get!


Scott was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only did he help us to find our new home, he also made the experience of searching thoroughly enjoyable. I have recommended Scott to many friends, & I feel confident continuing to do so knowing that those who have worked & are working with him love him as much as we did!

We interviewed several agents when we decided to sell our home, and were very confident deciding to go with Scott. We would have liked to get to know him better, but he surpassed our hopes and sold the house in one day! WOW - fabulous job. Thanks, Scott
I was given Scott's name by a good friend and neighbour who knew I was planning to sell my house. We hit it off right away. Scott is intelligent, low-key, and above all, honest. He looked at my house, asked about my situation and my plans, and gave me some really good advice. The more I got to know Scott, the more I wanted him to represent me. He knows the market thoroughly and is very realistic. When all the dust had settled, I was profoundly glad I chose Scott. He went far beyond the call of duty in helping make the house look good, and kept me well informed about showings, etc. My house sold a few weeks ago. If I ever consider buying or selling in future, Scott would be the first person I would call.


Laura and I certainly continue to appreciate all of your hard work in helping us find and close on the house. I won’t hesitate to say that you greatly exceeded our expectations in terms of service and execution, and we have both recommended you (and continue to recommend you) enthusiastically to our friends.


In moving from the U.S. to Canada, I was worried about the ins and outs of the homebuying process in Canada. I was fortunate to find Scott; he is a professional of the highest order, with an amazing attention to detail. I found him to be extremely proactive both in identifying potential properties for me, but also in identifying possible issues with the properties that might cause problems down the road. I've now moved into a home that I love, and the buying process was quite smooth, due in no small part to Scott. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone considering buying or selling a property.


I've been fortunate to have worked with so many amazing clients over the years -  I'd love to add you to this list!